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Natural Cosmetics for purifying the skin

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Natural Cosmetics for purifying the skin 





Natural Foam Cleanser, a hydrophilic cleanser containing a natural surfactant!


Natural Foam Cleanser is a purifying hydrophilic cleanser with non-toxic natural cleansing ingredients. it provides moisture and nourishment for skin like a mud pack. It has excellent cleansing to remove residue with only one wash and creates a moisturizing coating film that maintains moisture after cleansing.





As a natural shampoo for scalp massage dedicated to sensitive scalp and damaged hair, it is suitable
for all family members since it contains a natural surfactant and natural vegetable extracts.

[Natural UJW8575 Soap, chemical hardener-free!]

As it contains 1% UJW8575 (marine algae extract), a patented material of Uni-well, it cleanses with soft foams rich in plant oil from palm trees,
keeping your skin soft and moisturized.


UJW8575 DENTAL CARE / UJW8575 Toothpaste-No chemical preservatives, No fluorine and With natural surfactant

UJW8575 toothpaste contains the patented ingredient UJW8575, chitosan, resin, EcoCERT. certified materials and a natural surfactant that you can use safely. It prevents gum disease by maintaining healthy gums, and has tooth whitening and plague removal effect for bringing you bright smile and keeping your breath fresh.

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Natural Cosmetics for purifying the skin

Natural Cosmetics for purifying the skin

Natural Cosmetics for purifying the skin